Louisville Wholesale Ice Cream has been serving your community since 1986 with the best ice cream products brought right to you curbside. We have the best mobile vending and we have become a leading source of treats to satisfy your guests at birthday parties, company picnics, daycare centers, family reunions, and other special events. We strive to bring you the very best products as conveniently as possible. Every kid loves the tune of the ice cream man coming down their street. We all have rushed home to get a few bucks from our parents to get a special treat. Never was there a worse feeling then not getting back in time and missing the ice cream man. An ice cream sandwich from the freezer just was not the same. Louisville Wholesale ice cream TruckWe have expanded our services over the years to better serve the community. Mobile vending is still our main focus but did you know you could reserve a truck for special events? An ice cream truck will liven up any event. It will be a special event when the ice cream truck shows up. Louisville Wholesale Ice Cream is a provider of wholesale products for concession stands, bowling alleys, country clubs, restaurants, swimming pools, and many other business’ that serve the public. We can provide your business with the best ice cream products at a wholesale price. If you would like more information on the delicious and unique products we offer or if you have any questions or requests about how we can better serve you please feel free to contact us.